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Live like a young native girl from the late XIX century at the brazilian`s backlands, a very dry place with a unique environment. Embody as Cícera to learn how to survive, explore the world of Árida and discover more about her fate and of the ones around her.

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You play as Cicera, a young girl who lives a journey of discovery, dealing with the peculiarities of living in the Brazilian backlands in a great drought during the nineteenth century.

Together with her grandfather Tiao, a very wise old cowboy, Cicera will learn to become a survivor and help those around her.

Using her tools, Cícera can find out more about nuances and details of the backlands traditions, findind new places and new resources.

The world of Árida: Backland's Awakening is dry but rich in life and beauty, marked by the strength and perseverance of those who live there.

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