Firmina, Ancient of the leafs


To give start with our game’s universe web record, lets start with Firmina, one of the main characters from the game’s universe – Arida: Backlands Awakening.

Single daughter from an extremist religious family, growned up with the habit of pray tons of time a day. But this condition for her wasn’t anything like an embarrassment. Prayed because she liked it, and true being told she even hope to become a nun, even though her mother didn’t like her choice and instead wish to see the daughter follow her path of a healer.

At 12 years old, had already the fame and duty of clerical and folk healer over the village her family lived. At 18 years old, because a wide shortage, she ran with her family and correlates, from village to village, until settle down on a close place near Uau√°.

She kept there all those years, so isn’t extreme to say that she have helped the birth of more than 100 kids, without mention about all her assistency for every kind of pain and curse, since for here, the people from that region always ask her help. A respectful woman, considered by all from various generations that lived on that place. She feeds a great esteem for Cicera`s family, treating her as her own grand daughter that she never had.



Visual differential

  • Little stature, thick legs and large torso.
  • Isn’t fat nor slim.
  • Eyes almost closed, has some indigenous progeny.
  • The skin of her face is wrinkled because the sun.
  • Straight posture. Looks the age she deserves, but its strong and quicken.
  • Serious look but generous.
  • Thin lips and protrusions chin.
  • Nose relatively advanced, like here ears.



  • Knows a lot about local`s flora.
  • Extremely mistic, is the folk healer of the place and because of this, well respected.
  • Master the gift of healing.
  • Strong woman, independent.
  • Some times hear voices and it makes her an uneasy woman.
  • Wishes to have a daughter.
  • Suffers about the way she lost her parents.

This post is the first of a wild collection of text from the universe of the game.

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