Devlog #6 – Development recap /Arida: Backland’s Awakening part…

Today’s devlog, we gonna talk a little about the choices we made to define the hoe as the main tool for Cícera. This is the pilot of others texts we wanna post so any critic will be very welcome. 😊


#1 Hoe

Character development and its actions      


ps.: The image above do not represent the final quality of the game.


Lot of ideas got changed during the development time. We had an all different vision about some aspects of Árida, taking as exemple the tools Cícera could use.

During the mvps* prototyping, the rust knife(which we got from one of our references) was the first choice of utensil available. To craft a rust knife you would need to find and combine sharp stones, rope and twigs. As the content grown, the necessity of something better emerged as well, we need to have a better adaptation of her mechanics and consistent with the historical context as well. So we changed to the machete, that initially could be equipped whenever the players wish, but we soon decided it would be just appears during interact with objects.

The hoe idea happened more or less when we were arguing about the machete and it was a suggestion from one of our players during a playtest*. To further use of the hoe, this utensil also have a big part on Cícera character development, since it reforces the influence of field labor.


  • MVP = MVP is the initials for minimum viable product, a term well known on the game dev industry. The MVP, is a the prototype responsible to achieve the minium level necessary to the game be functional.
  • Play test = Is a term that means test a game, the words define an event of tests, whatever it be a group test or individual.

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