Devlog #8 –  Father Olavo 3d model’s production

Hey everyone!

We present you one more rumble devlog of our saga! This one is about our process over the making of our characters and a little bit about some problem we had.



Not so long ago, there was this period which the art of Árida got through an intensive changes. A lot of assets from the environment were in need of repair or some kind of review which result in a huge list of tasks. The characters had their foundations revised and some rebuild as well. The 3d model of Father Olavo was one of those who needed this approach, it needed an improvement over many aspects to make it reach the quality we wanted.


  • The old model didn’t fit the concept neither the aesthetics we were aiming for the project.
  • The rig was glitchy, which caused some delay on animation production and made it difficult to make some unique animations of the character.


  • Created a detailed model of the character, Father Olavo, in order to get a lighter version from it.
  • The final model was made by some circumstances that made it possible to transfer the old animation into it.

The Father Olavo represents an expressive ratio of the cultural scene and traditions from the period the game is based on. His presence in our environment bring some of the contact between the catholic church and the daily routine things of the inlander people, which was based a lot over the faith in many aspects. All tho, at his earlier versions of the game he didn’t represent these characteristics visually.

The model was far from the level we wanted: silhouette, texture, topology and rig needed to be fully reworked. At the same time these problems was true, get this result was challenging enough because the project aesthetics. Thanks to the textual and visual baggage that describes and paint our priest, an variety of resolutions was on the table to be considered, which made possible to let us free to learn and test some different techniques and tools.

By fitting our pipeline to the circumstances, we started to sculpt what we believe to be ok with the ideal version of the character. We used the Blender’s sculpt mode because its easy capability of change betweens the details levels of the model, this way, we manage to apply our way to work, present the differences to our art director to evolve the final version.

With the final detailed version, we created a lighter version of the model on whats represents the triangles count, so with the sculpt phase done, we got back to polygon modeling, our common way to work with 3d. The last stage about the model was to fix the edge flow of the model, an really important step to avoid unwanted results on the mesh during the animation.



Now that we had done the final version of the model, was time to go on to follow the sequential tasks of the pipeline, building of the rig and setup of the model, just like its paint. So, despite the fact we had just one person listed to the steps of this job, the freedom to have another member of the team with the files open to fix and work without interrupt the process of each other was quite the advantage, a very welcomed one.

The texture was in need of some upgrade as well. With the goal of get a better result we used a new tool, the software Substance Painter along with our default way to work on texture which until then was based on hand paint the texture with some software we choose, making use of the useful feature of use different maps along the render techniques the software dispose to us.

After we reach what we considered to be a solid base to the texture, it started the hand paint process, where we tried to use our freedom as artists accordingly with the aesthetics of the project.



While the texture was on the process of evaluation, it was the right time to go back with the rigging creation and its controls process, and the model setup as well. Thanks to the tech experience of the team, we manage to create a rig good enough for our needs, prepared with fluid controls in the body members and face controls.

Phew! Despite its a resume, the text above tells the story of a very important moment of our journey, always filled with a lot of learning for the entire team. 😊

If you got here without a clue about what is Árida:backlands Awakening but enjoyed what you read, contact us on Discord  and don’t forget to check the game on Steam ❤🌵



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