Father Olavo

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Father Olavo represents a very important part of the costumes of the people, the influence of the catholic church at the daily things of the inlander people, which was based a lot on their faith. But, Olavo always used his faith as freedom of paradigms and help others.

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(Main reference for the character’s visual)


Kind, confronter and selfless, Father Olavo helps everyone he can, without judging them, despite ideology that may go against the needs of the people and his faith.


During childhood, he loved to chat with those around him, specially the workpeople of his family farm site, at the same time, as usual to feel displeased about Mr. Luiz ideologies, his grandpa, owner of one of the most reputed farms of Ceará, with the effort off the all family, in order to give a home to all those who adventure themselves through the backlands, without ask any kind of payment.



At his youth, he was sent to the capital to have better schooling until the adult age, there he met Father Augusto, a beloved man, filled with respect and admiration from the local folks, besides the fact of not accept the submissive propaganda of the catholic church of the time. At 23 years old, feeling motivated to, Olavo decided to get in the church seminar to reach deeper knowledge with his studies.


Despite being born and raised surround by his family’s privilege, Olavo believed that such costumes helped him to become the person he is today. Since he was a child, he wished to live at these far deep places of the backlands, when Father Augusto offered him to become the new priest of Uauá, a remote village, didn’t took twice for Olavo get in his way to begin this new phase of his life.

Today, older and percipient of his political convictions, Olavo remembers his history and there isn’t any moment of regrets about his privilege abdication since that once close to Uauá made him acknowledge himself as a very accomplished priest of his age.



The history of Father Olavo is lovely, despite being a member of one of the most traditional world organizations, never let be controlled by it and always argument the values of society. And you, did already argument the actions of a organization/institution? Tell us, we love to discuss this kind of the point. 😊


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