Village Goats

The goat is the main animal of the backlands. On Trip to backlands / Make of Firmina’s goats, we talked about Firmina’s ones. Now, throughout this text we will talk about the village goats, which are not assigned to a quest,  enriching the ambiance of the game and call attention when seen, always roaming the world. 😄
During the process of creating the Village level, we had the feeling that there was some aesthetic gap in that space. Somehow, it was necessary to think about elements (sound, visual or even compositional), which could give a balance between keeping the narrative proposal of the place aligned, while still giving more life and ambience to the level.
The presence of goats circulating around the village grew in this process. We started to use more of their movements, positions, and characteristics, exploring the possibilities of artificial intelligence in a slightly more autonomous way, also allowing a comical side of these formidable animals (which we could verify in some goats we found during our research trip to the backlands).
It is quite possible that when the player is exploring the village, suddenly: “Oops!”, a goat appears performing its daily activities. And in this moment of unpredictability, our goats resemble the real backlands goats.
And that is why we love them, as well as many people who play Árida.
Árida is now available on Steam!
Go get your copy and share with us your experience with the goats. But be aware that they may appear in the most unlikely places!

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