Aoca Game Lab in the Podcasts

We have listed for you 4 podcasts in which we were invited to talk about the Árida development process, the studio routine, a little about each developer and more! Take a look and learn more curiosities about the Aoca Backstage!

Flechada no joelho – The Brazilian Video Game Industry (PORTUGUESE ONLY):

Podcast recorded on August 2019. 

Café com Games – Interview with Aoca Game Lab (PORTUGUESE ONLY):

Podcast recorded on June 2019. Almost every one of the team was present and we talked about various subjects. As by example, the expectations for the release and preferences of devs as players.


Fala Gamer Cast – Indie Game Development # 03 with Aoca Game Lab (PORTUGUESE ONLY):

In this edition, that happened weeks before the Árida release, we talked about some of each developer’s activities, the game concept, and the repercussions during the pre-release.


Omisterplay – Comics & Storytelling #40: Árida: Backland’s Awakening

Talk that happened in early 2019. We talked a lot about the development background, the importance of the concept, and the influences for Árida.


Now that you know a little bit more about our the behind scenes, how about venturing into this backlands story of survival and adventure? Árida is now available on Steam! Guarantee your copy!

Play Árida NOW:





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