Árida: Backland’s Awakening – Patch Note 1.0.3

Hey everyone!

We are still working to make the Árida experience better and better. That’s why we released an update today to fix issues identified by you! We at Aoca thank everyone for the constant feedback we received!

Check out the full list of Patch 1.0.3

  • Optimization

    We made improvements in the game engine, resulting in a better framerate, especially for those who were struggling to play with better graphic qualities. If you still encounter problems running the game, please contact us via the Steam forum.

  • Sound Fixes

    We balanced the volume of some sounds that were not consistent with the desired experience. And we add others. We also fixed some SFXs that didn’t play when they should, and added more typical backland birds, which makes the ambience better!

  • Achievements

    We fixed some Steam achievements. You will now receive the notifications correctly. Will you be able to complete them all?

  • Scene Improvements

    We made adjustments to some transitions of the scenes. In this way, important moments of the game became visually smoother.

  • Languages

    We reviewed the text in both available languages, and now everyone in the backlands speaks properly, in English and Portuguese!
    If you still find something in the texts, feel free to contact us.

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